Quote of the Day

Ernan Lopez-Nussa, pianist for the Buena Vista Social Club and a member of the elitist group of artists that have sold their art and their souls to the murderous Fidel Castro in order to enjoy a life of luxury, does not see much hope for the regular Cubans.

When the UK’s The Independent asked him about the millions of Cubans who live a miserable life of oppression devoid of the privileges and perks he and his elitist sycophants enjoy, he replied with the following:

“It is very hard to say it, but for now they have no future.”

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. This is the finished new man. Cold hearted, self-serving, arrogant, without regard or compassion for others. He got his piece of the revolution’s spoils, paid for with the blood of patriots. F**k everyone else. In the end, there will be justice for these vermin.

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