What if she’d dressed as Joe McCarthy or–GULP!!!–Augusto Pinochet!!!


Instead she dressed like a combo Mao-Che-Stalin, murderers of roughly 100 million human beings, dictators (“Presidents,” perhaps?) of a system that systematically murdered more human beings than died throughout history from the Bubonic Plague….

Whew!–but at least she didn’t dress like Joe McCarthy!….hence no media kerfuffle


3 thoughts on “What if she’d dressed as Joe McCarthy or–GULP!!!–Augusto Pinochet!!!”

  1. Humberto, I see Che (starred beret & cigar) and Mao (green outfit with red bars) … but where is Stalin? The AK 47? As for your point it is taken, agreed with, and not shocking at all that she could get away with it. Afterall, ‘Commies are cool man! (takes a bonghit) they like share everything and stuff.’

  2. Look on the bright side: at least she has clothes on.

    And isn’t singing the National Anthem.

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