Me meo de la risa, Yohandry.

Following up on this week’s post on Terminator Surfboards, it seems the ñangaras aren’t letting a good bullshit story go to waste.

Cuban commie blogger “Yohandry Fontana” – aka “Tato Fuentes”, the star of the leaked cyber war conference video and castro State Security agent – is using commie math to put two and two together and coming up with five.

First, he accuses Robert Guerra of being a CIA agent – Robert being one of the people I met at the Human Rights Conference in Dallas last year and one hell of a defender of human rights and internet freedoms – and connecting him with Yoani Sanchez – the evil dreaded mercenary – along with Katie Stanton, Special Adviser to the Office of Innovation at the U.S. Department of State and head of international strategy at Twitter, and proves, without a reasonable doubt but also without one shred of evidence that…well…that he’s a complete and total moron without a semblance of a grasp on reality.

Yohandry’s latest post uses a retweet from Robert on a tweet I originally retweeted from Yoani (when her Twitter was being blocked a few months ago) which asks Katie to look into the Twitter blockage issue as proof of a dire “connection”:


Que clase de comemierda. About the only thing this proves, absolutely, is that the castro regime is terrified of the internet and the social media connections it affords, and the ridiculously absurd lengths said regime will go to in order to prevent 11 millions Cubans from accessing the world outside their island prison.

Message to Tato Yohandry Tragabala:

Mirate en un espejo honestamente – si se que eso sera muy dificl pa’ ti – y preguntate que futuro te queda, y que futuro le estas dando a tus hijos – si los tienes, porque por lo que oido de ti…bueno, pa’ que hablar. Entonces pidele a tu familion en la Yuma que te manden un buen par de tenis. Porque ten la seguridad plena que el dia viene que te vas a tener que mandar a correr.

H/T Fantomas.