Blue Sky

By Claudia Cadelo:

Blue Sky
Photo: Leandro Feal

The blue sky is so intense it blinds me. It’s not hot. The sea below, and the line of the horizon perfectly straight. Today Havana is beautiful. This island doesn’t deserve this, I say out loud without realizing it. I smile and think I don’t deserve it either, nor the guy who crosses the sidewalk in front of me. No, he doesn’t deserve this either.

Power, the worst drug in the world. I imagine Raul Castro renouncing his positions at the Party Congress… dreams cost nothing. I walk through Lennon Park and a teenager tells a group of girls that she took part in the repudiation rally against the Ladies in White last Sunday, that she insulted them. I stop short. I’m wearing earphones to avoid hearing the stupidity of people like this, but it manages to get into my ears and drill into my brain.

I turn off the music, walk back and ask her, “Why did you scream at the Ladies In White?”

She’s afraid.

“I don’t know, everyone was screaming.”
“No, not everyone. I never screamed. Why did you scream?”
“I don’t know.”

She was ashamed. Her friends were perfectly silent.

“Next time think better of it,” I say and leave.

The sky was as blue as blue, and although I could no longer see the ocean I sensed it — we islanders always sense it — and it still wasn’t hot. Paradise, I thought, paradise in hell. I look at the girls from afar. No, they don’t deserve it, not even they deserve it.

3 thoughts on “Blue Sky”

  1. Claudia…she just hit the nail in my head. Hard.

    Just 250 miles away, gave or take a few, I sit under the same blue, perfect sky, the same perfect breeze. But all is not perfect. There’s always that lingering sadness, that darkness, that melancholy that ruins every perfect day.

    Claudia feels it because of something she thinks she doesn’t deserve. I feel it because of something I wish she had.

  2. Claudia feels it because of something she thinks she doesn’t deserve. I feel it because of something I wish she had.

    The most profound thought ever stated on this blog.

  3. Claudia describes the painful destruction of the Cuban soul by the brainwashing techniques implemented by Fidel Castro’s evil revolution.

    Hell is too cold of a place for Fidel Castro to spend the rest of eternity to pay for the damage he has caused to the land I was born, for the destruction of its people and its way of life.

    On the other hand, the Cuban people for some reason that to this day I cannot comprehend (and probably never will) supported Fidel Castro while he was systematically abusing the human rights of the people and the people never stopped to think (like that girl couldn’t) if their actions were right or wrong.

    I say Fidel Castro must have forged a pact with the Devil before he arrived to power in Cuba as nothing else describes what has happened to that island, its people and its way of life.

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