Banished Cuban political prisoners in Spain may receive political asylum

Victor Rolando Arroyo

One of the many issues involved with the banishment and forced exile to Spain of Cuban prisoners of conscience is the Spanish government’s refusal to grant these men official political asylum. The reasons given by the Zapatero administration have been numerous, but the reality is that the Spanish government does not want to offend the Castro dictatorship.

The political prisoners in Spain, however, have not given up their struggle to be recognized as political refugees and they have put continuous pressure on the Zapatero government to recognize them as such. It appears that perhaps the Spanish government is beginning to feel the pressure and is now considering granting a large group of these men political asylum.

Via Punt de Vista (my translation):

Spain will grant asylum to “a significant number” of ex-prisoners, according to ABC

In a report in ABC about the new life of the ex-political prisoner Victor Rolando Arroyo, the journalist cites Spanish sources that assure that at the end of March there will be a meeting of the inter-ministerial commission and it is predicted that political asylum will be granted to “a significant number” of Cuban ex-political prisoners. Spokespersons for the Foreign Ministry have denied that they are in a “legal limbo” because “they either have the status of solicitation for asylum, or the protection of permanent subsidiary.”

The ex-political prisoner confirmed that “three months ago I was supposed to have received a response to my petition for political asylum through a special procedure, as we were advised it could be done by the same Spanish authorities.”