Update on the trial of “loo-EES’ poh-SAH’-duh cah-REE’-lehs”

You have got to be kidding me; this actually showed up in parentheses after the name of Luis Posada Carriles.

“loo-EES’ poh-SAH’-duh cah-REE’-lehs”

Anyway, here is an update on the trial of loo-EES’ poh-SAH’-duh cah-REE’-lehs:

Ann Louise Bardach

EL PASO, Texas — A New York Times reporter who interviewed an ex-CIA agent about masterminding bombings in Cuba in 1997 is set to testify at the former operative’s Texas perjury trial.

Ann Louise Bardach has been fighting subpoenas for years. She says her testimony will make sources less likely to talk to reporters. She’s set to testify Wednesday.

Prosecutors say she’s needed to help link 83-year-old Luis Posada Carriles (loo-EES’ poh-SAH’-duh cah-REE’-lehs) to the bombings. Posada is accused of lying during U.S. immigration hearings about his role in them.

Bardach interviewed Posada in Aruba in 1998. He sneaked into the U.S. in 2005.

Posada was born in Cuba and worked for the CIA until 1976. He spent years crisscrossing Latin America as a Cold Warrior, largely backed by the U.S. government.