Updating the Libya situation and Marco’s take


It was finally until yesterday afternoon and when the fight for the liberation of Libya turned to the worse, that I began my mini-campaign against the irresponsible clumsiness of the so-called leaders and the inhumane U.N. Council. All the irresponsibility and the abandonment on the “Freedom Fighters” as I specifically been calling them and for three weeks! The Japan earthquake-Tsunami tragedy, understandably, worked against their cause. But then again, it was a no-brainer?

Well, it seems that someone read my call for distress.

I started with this article last night, march 16:

“Gadhafi is a murderer, a killer, he has been torturing the Libyan people for so long.” “Gadhafi must go!” This is where all the European so-called leaders stood, condemning Gadhafi when he decided to stay in Libya. The “rebel forces”, they call them, I don’t. I call them “freedom fighters” and they need help. They are not really asking for much but a “No-Fly Zone.” This way they can fight a fair fight and because now they are beginning to lose the battle. Where’s the concern, the humanitarian support? Why is it taking so much time to implement a “No-Fly Zone.”……Continue Here

…….Then today March 17 at 2 P.M:

The No-Fly zone is nearing as the United States, France and England are in accord and impatiently waiting as the UN bureaucratic Council tediously research, one proposal at a time. There will be more than just a no-fly zone implemented:

Susan Rice, the US ambassador to the United Nations spoke ahead of a Security Council vote due today on the no fly zone being implemented to halt Col Gaddafi’s attacks on rebels.

While China, Russia, Germany and other members of the 15-member council have expressed opposition or doubts about military action in Libya, the United States said even stronger measures than a no-fly zone may be needed….Continue Reading

…….And finally when the resolution passed:

Russia, China, Germany and Brazil took a back seat. Gadhafi is ignoring and because it has taken 3 weeks to pass this. The British and the French will be in the air in a couple of hour. Egypt is providing the the freedom fighters with over-land help (Weapons).  The United States will only provide strategic help at the start but eventually will enter afterwords……Continue Here

I’m not sure if I would need to update more, since I think maybe the mainstream media could have finally caught up with all the crucial news. I never had so much trouble finding updates than today. There are only a few who have been on the ball. I actually reported the UN Council’s decision before CNN, Fox News, CNBC, ABC and the rest of the useless others. The internet is the best way. And one of many reasons I involved myself with this uprising and against a familiar well-known, worldwide murderer and terrorist like Gadhafi, was to somehow compare  and learn how the Mainstream Media’s coverage would be if the same occurred in Cuba. Do I need to go further?


Talking about Cubans and Liberation, here’s Marco’s take and his ripping of top Obama aide which I found while searching for information at about 6PM:

As Muammar al-Qaddafi’s soldiers and mercenaries closed within 100 miles of the Libyan rebel stronghold of Benghazi Thursday, preparing to crush the revolution that just three weeks ago appeared on the brink of ending Qaddafi’s four decades of authoritarian rule, a top foreign policy aide to President Obama endured a withering barrage of criticism on Capitol Hill over the administration’s handling of the Libyan crisis.

Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs William J. Burns, the third highest-ranking official at the State Department and a veteran of high-level Washington across the last two presidencies, remained calm and collected under Thursday morning’s assault. He maintained that the president and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have responded with urgency to the fluid and rapidly evolving events on the ground in Libya.

But lawmakers from both parties on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee openly expressed skepticism about those claims, with a bluntness rare in the normally staid confines of Capitol Hill hearing rooms.

None was more direct or impassioned than Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., the freshman elected last year with Tea Party backing.

“The United States, quite frankly, looks weak in this endeavor,” said Rubio. “It looks unwilling, and maybe even unable, to act in this capacity….What are we going to do if there’s a bloodbath after this? The president of the United States has specifically said Qaddafi must go, but has done nothing since saying that, except have internal debates about it for a week-and-a half or two.”…. Continue Here