Ladies in White threatened with death

The Castro dictatorship led mobs that surrounded the home of Lady in White leader Laura Pollan yesterday threatened the peaceful group with death if they dared to leave the home on the 8th anniversary of the Black Spring of 2003. The mob of thugs yelled threats to the ladies that they would be stabbed and sliced to death with machetes if they attempted to take to the streets.

Here we have a recorded declaration from Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antúnez reporting from Cuba yesterday detailing the threats his wife, who was with the Ladies in White in Pollan’s home, related to him:

Antunez – 3-18-11

We also have a report of the death threats made to the Ladies in White by operatives of the Castro regime from Antúnez’ sister, Bertha Antúnez:

Bertha Antunez – 3-18-11

Here is video of the act of repudiation the Ladies in White were subjected to yesterday where the death threats took place:

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Ladies in White threatened with death

1 thought on “Ladies in White threatened with death”

  1. The “repudiators” are, conveniently enough, mostly young females, all suitably provided with apt paraphernalia (to be used spontaneously, of course). No doubt they have nothing better or more desirable to do with their time and energy than threaten and hurl abuse at defenseless older women who could be their mothers. Curious how they always show up, herd-like, at just the right time and place. Presumably they continually monitor any and all potential threats to the regime since, again, they couldn’t possibly have more age-appropriate matters to bother with. Must be that old “revolutionary” spirit. Or something.

    But make no mistake, these ARE Cubans, and they WILL still be around should Castro, Inc. fall. What’s to be done about such people? They will, of course, all magically “reform” and “see the light,” but can they ever be trusted or relied upon?

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