What’s that old saying about petards and hoisting?

This is just so delicious it defies words.

A hard-core group of liberal House Democrats is questioning the constitutionality of U.S. missile strikes against Libya, with one lawmaker raising the prospect of impeachment during a Democratic Caucus conference call on Saturday.

Reps. Jerrold Nadler (N.Y.), Donna Edwards (Md.), Mike Capuano (Mass.), Dennis Kucinich (Ohio), Maxine Waters (Calif.), Rob Andrews (N.J.), Sheila Jackson Lee (Texas), Barbara Lee (Calif.) and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D.C.) “all strongly raised objections to the constitutionality of the president’s actions” during that call, said two Democratic lawmakers who took part.

Kucinich, who wanted to bring impeachment articles against both former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney over Iraq — only to be blocked by his own leadership — asked why the U.S. missile strikes aren’t impeachable offenses.

I… can’t… think… much… confusion… head… hurts… ears… bleeding…

4 thoughts on “What’s that old saying about petards and hoisting?”

  1. At the risk of hoisting a petard myself, these appear to be the only honest liberal Democrats in D.C. They may be wrong, but at least they’re intellectually honest, which is more than I can say for the vast majority of liberals.

  2. “Intellectual” and “honest” are two words not normally used when referring to liberal/progressives. The ones protesting loudest about Libya are rabid leftist ideologues; the others are kool-aid drinkers, shills, and camp followers.

  3. Alberto,
    I agree with you. Most liberals see the things Obama does that are extensions of Bush policies and find him glorious and Bush evil. At least these two are being consistent.

  4. Again, the question is not why these politicians are so bad, but how they get elected and, more especially, re-elected. They are not the problem; the problem is those who enable them. The same is true for all manner of slimeballs in all spheres or walks of life. As I’ve said before, my problem is not, for instance, with somebody like Michael Moore being what he is. Such people are always with us and their existence is inevitable. My problem is with his enablers, since without them he’d be nobody.

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