Define the mission AND then look for a coalition!

By Silvio Canto:

Define the mission AND then look for a coalition!

Here is a headline that some of us saw coming: Allies Strain to Mend Split

“Coalition members haven’t been able to agree on whether the North Atlantic Treaty Organization should take charge of the mission.

“France, seen by some diplomats as trying to mend fences with Arab neighbors while leading the fight to protect Libyan rebels against the Tripoli regime, has proposed a command structure with NATO in a subsidiary role.”

We are watching a coalition without a clear mission.  In other words, this is what happens when you put together a coalition before you have a mission.

Let’s check a few more headlines:

Obama seeks to break impasse over Libya

Who’s in charge? Germans pull forces out of NATO as Libyan coalition falls apart

Let me repeat it: We want this mission to succeed.

However, it is looking more and more like this was a mission put together without a clear objective or chain of command. We will probably have to take over and run this mission. Pres BO is desperately trying to make this mission happen because he wants to convince the world that he is ‘the anti-Bush”. In the end, he will learn why Pres Bush had to do it with a “coalition of the willing” in Iraq.

Here are some questions:

1) Are we trying to depose Qaddafi or protect civilians?
2) Are we in the business of protecting the “rebels”?  Or what about civilians from the rebels?
3) What is the definition of success:  Qaddafi goes? or stays with less guns or territory?

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