“Cuban 5” Attorney dies at 77

Leonard Weinglass, the attorney for the “Cuban 5” — the Castro spies captured, tried, convicted, and imprisoned for espionage and murder — has died at the age of 77. Besides defending a vile group of murderous Castro operatives, Weinglass made a career of defending the scourge of the earth.

Leonard I. Weinglass, perhaps the nation’s pre-eminent progressive defense lawyer, who represented political renegades, government opponents and notorious criminal defendants in a half century of controversial cases, including the Chicago Seven, the Pentagon Papers and the Hearst kidnapping, died on Wednesday. He was 77 and lived in Manhattan.


More recently, Mr. Weinglass was involved in the death-row appeals of Mumia Abu-Jamal, whose conviction in the 1981 killing of a Philadelphia police officer has been shrouded in allegations of racism, police corruption and judicial bias; and the Cuban 5, who were convicted in 2001 of espionage against the United States but who say they were monitoring Miami-based terrorist groups that target Cuba.

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