We were right, again, Part 45,673

I guess ole’ Joe McCarthy was on to something…

The “innocent victims” of the Red Scare were once legion — like suave U.S. envoy Alger Hiss, who doubled as a Soviet spy chief, and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who gave Moscow A-bomb plans.

The latest debunking of this myth is Rosenberg fellow spy Morton Sobell, who finally admitted it in 2008. But in a December interview with Ronald Radosh and Steven Usdin, Sobell, 93, added that he gave hundreds of secret Air Force documents to the Soviets in 1948.

Sobell also fingered William Perl, who had been attending the City College of New York with Sobell and Julius Rosenberg, and worked at a Virginia Army air base during World War II. Perl had denied wrongdoing, but was convicted of perjury in 1953.

“I did it for the Soviet Union,” said Sobell, a Red-diaper baby whose parents were both Communist Party members who hosted meetings in their home.

2 thoughts on “We were right, again, Part 45,673”

  1. McCarthy was on to something, all right. But, conveniently enough, this can all be dismissed as “ancient history” that no longer matters, just as the New York Times can do and has done with people like Walter Duranty and Herbert Matthews. Bottom line: no need to admit fault, let alone malice. Let’s just “move on,” or “move forward,” since those who got screwed will stay screwed anyway. Miserable bastards.

  2. Yes asombra, borron y cuenta nueva…

    Unfortunately the damage has already been done. You look back at all these events that started taking place in the late 1940s and look down the abyss where America is today.

    There is a long list of characters that have contributed to America’s decline over the last sixty years.

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