Why not Cuba?

An excellent editorial by Marielena Montesino de Stuart at RenewAmerica.com:

Why not Cuba?

Click to enlargeIf Gadhafi’s regime has to end, why not Castro’s?

U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, made the following statements Tuesday, when asked about Libya:

Question: Are there any credible threats [by Libya] against any of the coalition countries?

Eric Holder: Well, I think that Gadhafi’s presence — continued presence in Libya, is something that has got to end, given the fact that he’s lost all legitimacy with his people. The fact that he is there in an unstable way, in an unstable part of the world, I think has a negative impact on his neighbors — and given that region of the world, he has a negative impact on countries outside the region.

Question: Do you feel that he [Gadhafi] is a credible threat against any of the countries?

Eric Holder: I can’t share intelligence that I might possess.

Based on Eric Holder’s statement about Libya, the same holds true for Cuba. [1]

The continued presence of Castro’s communist military dictatorship in Cuba has to end. Now.

Castro’s government has never been legitimate.

It never will be.

Cuba’s military communist dictatorship has led to the imprisonment and murder of thousands of innocent victims since January 1, 1959. Fidel Castro has appointed his brother Raúl as “president” — but the despotic rule continues.

Thousands have drowned or have been murdered by Castro’s forces while trying to flee.

Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children

The Strait of Florida is a cemetery that the world chooses to ignore, while countries all over the globe do business with Castro’s government — and their citizens shamelessly vacation in Castro’s Cuba.

The Cuban tourism trade has been notorious for its involvement in human trafficking, and the sexual exploitation of children. The U.S. State Department has reported that Cuba is a source country for children subjected to trafficking in persons, specifically commercial sexual exploitation. [2]

Political Prisoners

Anyone who dissents, or simply appears to be “suspicious” is systematically harassed, arrested and held in political prisons, where death is often the only escape from the brutal physical and psychological treatment administered by Castro’s forces.

The communist government of Cuba has gained expertise in the timing of the release of prisoners, by exploiting it as some humanitarian accomplishment.

Sadly, even the Roman Catholic Church has fallen into this despicable public relations spin on behalf of Cuba’s government. It takes years of negotiations for Cuba’s government to even acknowledge that it is holding someone in prison for being a dissident.

Once a dissident is released, more are rounded up in the streets of Cuba. [3]

Yet, greed still drives many individuals and organizations to clamor for an end to the U.S. embargo on Cuba, which has been the only moral and legitimate economic measure that the U.S. has maintained (at least on paper) against Castro’s activities and policies.

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