Tumbling out of the guayaba tree

While busily documenting every single subversive USB memory stick USAID has sent to Cuba, and tracking each and every kilobyte of seditious internet bandwidth they have provided Cuba’s civil society, sleuthhound Tracy Eaton has taken a tumble from the guayaba tree.

The fall has apparently brought about this startling revelation:

Carter visit: A graceful way out of the Alan Gross fiasco?
Jimmy Carter and Fidel Castro in May 2002. See more photos

Jimmy Carter’s visit to Havana next week can only help Cuba’s socialist government.
Carter will likely:

  • Say something positive about the release of dozens of political prisoners in Cuba in recent months.
  • Call for an end to U.S. sanctions against Cuba.
  • Criticize the U.S. AID programs that sent Alan Gross to jail in Cuba.
  • Ask Cuban authorities to free Gross.

If that scenario plays out, Cuban authorities could then release Gross sometime soon as a favor to Carter, who has been a friend to Cuba.
That way, Gross’s release would be a magnanimous humanitarian gesture, not a concession to the U.S. government. And Cuban authorities wouldn’t have to deal with the Gross fiasco anymore. They would not have the burden of such a high-profile prisoner and they could move on.

2 thoughts on “Tumbling out of the guayaba tree”

  1. “As a favor to Carter, who has been a friend to Cuba.” No. He has been a friend to Castro, Inc., a totally different thing. For that alone, I regard him as lower than dirt, and he’s got plenty more shit to his, uh, credit. To call him a Pharisee is being kind.

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