Things Are Che-ping Up in Libya

libya rebels

Lovely couple, don’tcha think? I’m so glad we jumped right in there to support these freedom-loving rebels … Funny thing is, I’ll bet Qadaffi is a Che fan too. It’s sorta like that question people ask in war, “Who’s side is God on?” Because I just don’t know how much closer to being like Cuba Libya could get than they already are … except to start speaking Spanish.

JUBILANT rebel forces marching rapidly westward toward Tripoli set their sights on Muammar Gaddafi’s hometown stronghold of Sirte as a series of explosions rattled the capital, drawing anti-aircraft fire.

Witnesses said the Tripoli airstrikes targeted the road to the international airport 10 kilometers outside the city, as well as a neighborhood on its eastern outskirts, AFP reported.

Two explosions rocked Sirte last night as planes flew overhead but journalists were unable to immediately pinpoint their source.

In other military action, French warplanes carried out strikes on Libyan armored vehicles and a “major munitions depot” in the western Misrata and Zintan regions, French military headquarters said.

Following their military successes, made possible by a week of coalition airstrikes, a confident rebel leadership in Benghazi said they planned to resume oil exports “in less than a week.”

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4 thoughts on “Things Are Che-ping Up in Libya”

  1. If supposedly sophisticated and educated first-world people, with ready access to all kinds of information, still play the Che game, what can we possibly expect from Libyans such as the one in the photo? Exactly what we’re seeing here.

  2. I bet if you asked the Rebels, over 50 % would say that Qadaffi was not “socialist” enough.

    Eventually, you have to wonder why Obama seems to be assisting so many groups who in the future will take a similar position to Iran.

    Also I don’t chalk this up to Che chic. Mr. Kuffiyeh I am sure has a good idea of who Che was, hell he probably has a copy of “Guerrilla Warfare” in his napsack.

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