5 thoughts on “Marco on Hannity”

  1. I like Rubio, but he’s wrong. Cuba wasn’t a stratified society. It wasn’t only people who inherited things who could own things. How about all of the penniless Asturianos, Gallegos and Jews who migrated to Cuba and became wealthy? Anybody in Cuba could buy land, a house, start a business, etc.. When castro took over, my then young parents were saving to buy land and a house which was the dream of every Cuban. They would buy a plot of land and built a house. Come on Rubio, I know that you have your “America is exceptional” line, but don’t do it at the expense of pre-castro Cuba. Gee Whiz.

  2. And I was also stunned that he wants Social Security around so that he can get it when he retires.
    What about privatizing it?
    Two mistakes in one visit. I’m sad about that.

  3. There were PLENTY of people in Cuba who came from nothing and got plenty far. My grandfather had to quit school after he learned to read and write so he could work to help support his large family. He started out, practically as a kid, working in a rock quarry. He eventually owned several businesses and rental property. His case was not especially unusual. Castro, Inc. stole all the fruits of his labor, though he had earned them without exploiting anybody, and he died a broken man. Welcome to the revolution.

  4. Another example, however incorrect: Batista, who was of mixed race, came from very humble origins, far humbler than Castro’s, whose father was a wealthy landowner (and, by all accounts, both crooked and exploitative, especially of Haitian laborers).

  5. I know, I know, amigas and amigos. But Senator Rubio is doing his job and perhaps looking ahead. Most Americans (even Fox viewers) are more comfortable with the stereotypical view of pre-Castro Cuba presented here by Senator Rubio, than with the true one. Trying to correct this stereotype scores no brownie-points outside Miami-Dade. Take it from someone who (in his very modest capacity) obsesess on this very correction in books, columns and speeches.


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