An Idiot Abroad: A picture says it all


Much has been said and debated about Jimmy Carter’s trip to Cuba. Nothing, however, puts it into better perspective than the picture above.

By joyously gripping a hand stained with the blood of tens of thousands of innocent victims, Carter has stained his own hand with blood. Without having to say a word, his trademark toothy grin tells the world he has no issue with embracing a man who has extinguished the lives of countless men, women, and children, and destroyed the lives of millions of Cubans.

There are no rules or protocols of diplomacy that can cleanse him, nor will great Neptune’s ocean wash his hands clean. By this picture we know that his hands will be forever stained with the blood of Cuban victims.

5 thoughts on “An Idiot Abroad: A picture says it all”

  1. Carter’s hands have been stained since his presidency, a disaster which has “kept on giving” till today, and will keep on doing so, for people in many parts of the world. So what’s a little more infamy? He sure as hell won’t notice it, let alone care. Beneath contempt.

  2. and people wonder why I abhor and HATE (and I mean TRULY HATE) the Democrat party, along with all the useful idiots that think it is such a great party.

  3. Would this sanctimonious hypocrite ever get photographed like this with a Pinochet or a Botha? You do the math.

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