Violence against Cuban Dissidents

Via Pedazos de la Isla:

Violence Against Caridad Caballero Batista and Other Dissidents

I don’t quite understand why videos such as these don’t go around the world the same way the videos of the violence against the Ladies in White did.  The Ladies in White are brave and peaceful fighters for human rights and freedom in Cuba, but these same words also describe Caridad Caballero Batista and her family, who have never given up demostrating publicly in the streets of Cuba.  Today, Caballero Batista, along with other relatives, went out to protest and was immediately intercepted by governmental forces.  The following video speaks for itself.  They arrest her, they mistreat her, they scream at her, and they shove her around.  How long will Cuban woman continue being beaten just for speaking out against the dictatorship? Until when will Cuban dissidents have to face such violence?  The answer is unknown, but what is certain is that people like Caridad Caballero Batista continue struggling despite so many obstacles, and display no signs of fear before their oppressors.

The video: