“Jimmy Carter, Cuban Agent of Influence” says Armando Valladares


“From outside Cuba they defend the Castros’ supreme goals: lifting the embargo, removal of Cuba from list of terrorist-sponsors, freedom for The Cuban Five, lifting of all travel restrictions–those who parrot these items are absolutely and without a doubt what Castro’s DGI terms, Agents of Influence.

They haven’t been officially recruited by the DGI, they signed on voluntarily by the nature of their work. For those reasons I’ll state categorically that Ex-President jimmy Carter is one of these Agents of Influence. When Cuba returns to democracy, we’ll build a park with a large wall. On it we’ll list all those artists, intellectuals, politicans, etc.–traitors to Cuba’s liberty, and upon that wall we’ll include the name of Jimmy Carter, along with thousands of others.”

Armando Valladares’ entire intransigence in Spanish here.

2 thoughts on ““Jimmy Carter, Cuban Agent of Influence” says Armando Valladares”

  1. Yes, but not your ordinary agent of influence. Not some risible idiot like Benicio del Toro, who could only be taken seriously by his mother. This man was POTUS, and he’s shilling for one of the most rabid enemies of the US, who once tried to get the USSR to nuke this country. Carter, if only out of respect for the office he once held and the trust that was placed in him by the American people, should have been far more discreet or circumspect regarding his sympathies for Castro, Inc. In addition to saying “Fuck you!” to every Cuban, he’s also saying it to his own country and people. I’ll say it again: anybody, Cuban or otherwise, who does not hold him in utter contempt is not respectable. There is no gray here. This is very, very black.

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