Posada Carriles Trial Update: The truth will set you free

Ever since the Obama/Holder Justice Department embarked on their witch hunt of Luis Posada Carriles — a travesty of justice they are trying to sell the American people as an “immigration trial” — the truth has continued to expose the prosecution’s nefarious objectives. From employing the testimony of Castro intelligence officials and agents, to quoting articles written by journalists who have long been proven biased against Cuban exiles, the prosecutors have not only tried to make fools of the American people, but have done an excellent job of making fools of themselves.

To paraphrase the old adage, “the truth will set free,” and while the prosecution has relied on subterfuge and unethical tactics to achieve their goal, they have not been able to bury the one thing that works against their case: the truth. Today they will receive another dose of the truth, and once again, their detestable ploy to convict a man for one crime by accusing him of another will be exposed.

EL PASO, Texas — An immigration lawyer specializing in U.S. asylum cases is set to testify for a former CIA agent on trial for perjury and immigration fraud.

Attorney Carlos Spector takes the stand Friday on behalf of 83-year-old Luis Posada Carriles (loo-EES’ poh-SAH’-dah kah-REE’-lays).

Posada is an anti-communist militant and native of Cuba who was long supported by Washington. But he sneaked into the U.S. in 2005 and is charged with lying about his violent past during citizenship hearings in El Paso, Texas.

Spector is expected to testify that U.S. officials knew Posada would not qualify for U.S. citizenship due to his history, but conducted the hearings to build a criminal case against him.

The defense has claimed Posada was entrapped during the El Paso hearings.