One monkey don’t stop no show

Capitol Hill Cubans reminds Senator John Kerry that as the Honey Cones sang, “one monkey don’t stop no show”:

Kerry is Not Congress (Castro is Not Cuba)

The Castro brothers like to label anything they dislike, or which opposes them, as being “anti-Cuba.”

Thus, the Castros inappropriately (and selfishly) equate their dictatorship with the entire island of Cuba.

Apparently, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry is taking a page from the Castros’ playbook.

Yesterday, the Obama Administration notified Congress of its intention to disburse the FY2010 USAID funds ($20 million) appropriated for its Cuba democracy programs (which helps civil society with access to technology and the families of political prisoners survive).

Yet, Chairman Kerry has taken it upon himself to unilaterally delay the disbursement of these funds stating:

Before this $20 million is committed, a full review of the programs should be undertaken and the Administration should consult with the Congress.”

The problem is that the Administration has already consulted with Congress — and Congress has already voted to approve and appropriate the FY2010 budget.

Furthermore, the last time Cuba democracy programs specifically came up for a vote, they were overwhelmingly approved in a Democratic-led House by a vote of 254-170.

Thus, Chairman Kerry is inappropriately (and selfishly) equating his own personal views with the entire U.S. Congress.

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  1. Great photo. Supercilious, narcissistic, obnoxious prick. And he looks it. Notice, by the way, the resemblance to Sean Penn.

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