UPDATED: La reflexión del maní — The reflections of the peanut

It truly does not get any more concise or to the point than this.

La reflexión del maní

WARNING: Strong Language

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UPDATE: A very literal (WARNING: strong language included) transcript in English is available below the fold:

Reflections of the Peanut

Hello, we are with you again today with a message about Jimmy Carter’s visit to Cuba. We ask that you please pay attention.

Why the fuck did this deaf old man go to Cuba? The drunkard Raul Castro says that Carter is the best president the gringos have ever had.  That faggot forgot about “Carter you bastard, remember the Bay of Pigs.” That was the fucking slogan that the Castro supporters yelled at those leaving Cuba during the Mariel crisis.

These old men, besides being deaf, also have faulty memories because during the Carter administration you even had to stand in line to put gas in the U.S. If not for Reagan, the gringos would have ended up with ration books. Nevertheless, I don’t want to talk about the past. I want to talk about the fucking trip.

It was the Carter Center that chose which dissidents the old fart would meet with. The curious part was that they avoided the most emblematic members of the opposition, those who are against any political opening with the regime such as Martha Beatriz Roque and Jorge Luis Perez “Antúnez.” With the exception of Oscar Elias Biscet, all of those that met with Carter ask for the end of the embargo and a free-for-all with the gringos.

So then, what the hell did the old peanut farmer go to Cuba for? It was not to advocate for the release of the American aid worker because listen to what he says:

“We have spoken to some officials about the case of Gross. I am not here to take him out of the country.”

Did you hear that? Of course you did.

He went to ardently promote the lifting of all sanctions. And he went to so far as to tell them that Obama would soon release their five murdering spies imprisoned in the U.S.

He went to ask for permission. He went to do what all gringos do in Cuba; shit on the Cuban people.

There you have your Reflections for today. See you soon.

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