227That is the number of political arrests that took place in Cuba just in the month of March.

227 – That is the documented number of individual acts of brutal repression that took place in the same month Jimmy Carter visited Cuba.

227 – That is the number of human rights violations carried out by the Castro dictatorship that Jimmy Carter never mentioned because he was too busy calling for the lifting of the embargo against the regime and the release of its five convicted spies in the U.S.

227 – That is a number of political arrests in Cuba added to the 621 that took place in January and February of this year for a total of 848 total arrests.

227 – That is the number you will never see or hear a “Cuba Expert” address.

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  1. One of the reasons that we never hear about these acts of repression is that the castroite tyranny understands very well that the best defense is a strong offense, and castro is very PRO-ACTIVE, while we in the exile community are barely defensive. In fact, its only been since the age of the Internet [i.e. Babalu and other blogs] that we are really defensive, and there is no substantial strong organizational resistance to the regime [especially since the demise of CANF at the hands of Jorgito].

    So, castro creates one smokescreen after the next. Carter’s visit to Cuba is a perfect example. It doesn’t take much for the already, biased, manipulated and frivolous US mainstream media to become distracted by anything [you name] else that is happening inside Cuba at any given moment, so that a visit by a failed ex-US president is enough to create a hugh distraction. 227 dissidents can easily be arrested without them even noticing it, with it even causing a ripple.

    Look at what’s happening in NYC now, there is a hugh cultural offensive by the regime known as CUBA SI! It goes on from March 31st to June 16th and its all over the city. NYC is celebrating castroite Cuba through its art as about 100 different dance ensembles, musical bands, and artists of all types…swarm the city. What an effective smokescreen. The city is plastered all over the place with posters announcing this garbage.

    Here’s the website:


  2. Another recent one:

    Cuba tries US aid worker Alan Gross for ‘spying’
    “Mr Gross is accused of helping to hook people up to the internet illegally on the communist island.

    Mr Gross, a development worker with experience in many countries, was arrested in late 2009 while working for the US Agency for International Development (USAID).”

    Since that article appeared, he was sentenced to 15 years in jail.

    Apparently, Castro is using Gross to try to get the US to release four Cuban spies held in the US.

    America should apologize to the world for Mr Carter.

    Obama’s reaction is very much Carter-like. He has lifted or eased some restrictions.

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