Castro’s “cyber-warriors” in damage-control after Babalu Post


On March 31st the nangara CubaDebate ran an interview with Jimmy Carter where’s he’s quoted thusly:

* “I had the opportunity to meet the families of the five Cuban patriots, (emphasis by intransigent poster) with their wives and with their mothers…..I’m well aware of the shortcomings of the U.S. judicial system but hope that President Obama can grant this pardon. He knows my opinion on this matter, that the trial of the Cuban Five was very dubious, that many norms were violated.”

We posted that here on Babalu. Best I can tell, no other site picked up on Carter’s use of the amazing term “patriots,” for the Cuban Five.

Shortly after our post, the interview read:

“In my conversacions with president Bush and President Obama I’ve spoken regarding the release of these persons.”

Why no more “meeting with their families?”–no more “patriots?” Perhaps Castro’s apparatchiks had put these words in Carter’s mouth to begin with, as Stephen Spielberg claims happened with his famous “my meeting with Castro were the eight most important hours of my life.”?

We don’t know. What we DO know is when it was posted on Babalu on March 31st at 4;44 PM it read exactly as its posted english translation. Now it doesn’t.