The Sweeter The Barry The More Costly and Bitter The Juice

Obama Correspondents

While the MSM gnaws on the forthcoming Congressman Paul Ryan budget plan, and the democrats are seeping out to condemn it with spitballs, I woke today to two very important money-related questions in this nation:

1.) The DOJ’s AG Holder announced today we are just going to go back to square one, and put Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the rest of the crew on trial in Gitmo, Cuba in the Bush Administration established military court. Unless I’m mistaken, KSM and Co.’s trial(s) were already underway in Gitmo, and just about near an end, when Obama/Holder called them off and threw them out in favor of moving them to American soil in NYC.
I demand to know how much money was spent on the that military trial that got scrapped in Gitmo, how much was spent trying to set up a trial in civilian federal courts in NYC, and how much it will cost to do the “do-over” trial(s) now in Gitmo’s long idle military court … because we are paying for all this political ideology base-pandering BS!

And how about the USS Cole trial that was tossed out by this same administration/DOJ??? The one civilian court terror trial they managed to pull-off in NY ended pretty much with a finger-waving scolding of a terrorist involved in mass death and destruction.

2.) Every waking moment the MSM and the democrats, and Obama, remind us how successful his administration has been for Americans at every level. Perhaps he’s right, seeing as how the government now owns two car companies, our national healthcare industry, and much of our financial system (including student loans). If you factor in the blatant use of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico about a year ago to halt domestic oil drilling and production, and to boot funds and concessions to other countries so they can not only keep their oil productions and supplies running (in the Gulf), but increase said production … so we can buy our oil from these other countries. Obama’s creating jobs, alright … just not here. Not only that, but now we are protecting Europe’s oil flow in Libya.

So, here’s my second question of the day: If this guy has been such a positive force that we can all appreciate and be humbly grateful that we may draw through our lowly nostrils the same dreaded carbon emissions he does (no matter where in the wide-world he is golfing or vacationing) … Exactly why will he need to raise and spend over a billion dollars for his re-election campaign in 2012? In 2008 Obama spent more on his presidential campaign than any campaign before his.

I mean, as fantastic a “Best POTUS evah!” that he is, shouldn’t he just sit back and let his first four years sell itself? And does he honestly believe the majority of American voters will not be rubbed the wrong way by this political decadence in 2012 as gas, and grocery and product prices climb in this country? As actual unemployment numbers hang in the double digits? As self-centered, Obama supporting public unions intimidate private sector businesses, and politicians demonize and discount the Tea Party’s goal to reel-in government control and spending as ‘extreme‘?

Considering the above, I would just like to point out the stark examples of exactly WHY this man/administration are not, and never will be, serious about tackling the forecasted over 14 trillion … TRILLION … dollar deficit in the very near future of this nation. Their only answer seems to be “show me the money” taxpayers.

I understand one of the 2012 campaign slogans being tossed around the Obama re-election camp is “Guard The Change”.

Perhaps whomever the GOP 2012 candidate will be needs to counter that with “Oh, Hell No!”

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