“(John Kerry) is a man I do not not respect!” (Felix Rodriguez to John Kerry, 1987)


In case we need another reminder of John Kerry’s motivations regarding Cuba, here’ excerpts from his (attempted) grilling of Felix Rodriguez during the Iran-Contra circus:

First, please note the perfectly respectful, forthcoming and upright tone of Felix Rodriguez during most of these hearings. But when questioned by John Kerry it was a different story.

“Miami area lawyers, knowing Rodriguez’ honorable reputation, tripped over themselves clamoring to represent him pro-bono during the Kerry Committee hearings. “I don’t want any lawyers!” Rodriguez responded. “If I need a lawyer to help me explain why I’ve been defending this country for the past 27 years – then I’m in the wrong country. I want my testimony in front of the American people.”

More alarmingly (to Kerry and his Democratic lynch mob) Rodriguez refused what weasel types call “immunity.” Nothing so flabbergasts and unnerves a big-haired, blow-dried Congressional Committee like spunk, courage, honesty, straight talk. Kerry was badly rattled.

So, of course, Kerry denied Rodriguez’ request for an open hearing. If Rodriguez cleared his name, if he shot down the Kerry Committee’s cockamamie accusations – by God, Kerry certainly didn’t want it getting any circulation! The Kerry Committee – and The Kerry Committee alone – using leaks to their pinko press cronies and soulmates, would decide exactly what got in the newspapers and evening news.

“Senator, my name was leaked BY YOUR Committee as being involved with drug smuggling,” Rodriguez started his testimony. “I take that seriously. It affects my family, my reputation and my friends.”

Kerry furrowed his (now) famous forehead and affected a stern look “You’re making serious accusations here….”

“SENATOR! This slander was in every G*DDAMMED newspaper after your committee’s last CLOSED hearing!” Rodriguez shot back, “saying I solicited drug money for the Contras. THAT, senator Kerry, is a D*MNED LIE!!”

Kerry’s forehead furrowed further. He stuttered. He started loosing it himself, rambling well off the subject, asking Rodriguez about Che Guevara and why he hadn’t fought harder to save his life, etc.

“SENATOR!” an exasperated Rodriguez finally shot back. “It’s difficult for me to answer questions from a man I DO NOT RESPECT!”

Kerry gaped. A northeastern liberal Democrat he’d always been a media darling, soft-soaped and soft-balled by that feisty “adversarial” press. Now Rodriguez had him seriously rattled. But Felix didn’t miss a beat – naming dates and witnesses, citing documents – this upright and gallant man proceeded to demolish every accusation against him.

“I have nothing to hide,” Rodriguez said repeatedly. “I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve done. I’ve battled communism since I was 17. I help the Contras, I help the Salvadoran government. I do so as a volunteer, legally and openly. And if you’re sincere, senator,” he finished up. “You’ll put out a statement to the press about what I said here today. I INSIST that the American people know about my testimony!”

No such statement ever issued from Kerry’s Committee.

Entire intransigence here.

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  1. Kerry is a less obviously stupid, more obviously conceited version of Biden. But don’t blame him; blame those who vote for him.

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