More “yes we can” indigestion: BO flips on GITMO

By Silvio Canto:

More “yes we can” indigestion: BO flips on GITMO

Yesterday, AG Holder blamed Congress for the fact that the Obama administration is doing a “flip-flop” on GITMO and military trials. Who in Congress is he talking about? Is he talking about the Dem majority that blocked funding civilian trials for GITMO detainees? Or is he talking about Dem Sen Schumer who opposed trials in his home state of New York?

The Europeans, the same who screamed moral outrage when Pres Bush was running things, have gone silent about GITMO. First, they are now on “mute,” in large part because they’ve refused to take any of the detainees.  Second, there is new leadership in Europe, such as PM Cameron & Pres Sarkozy.  The new leadership is lot closer to Bush on “the war on terror” than the “naive BO.”

We ask again: Will Pres BO apologize to Pres Bush?  Or will he apologize to the young soldiers in GITMO who were forced to hear all of this nonsense from an irresponsible presidential candidate?

Yes, slowly but surely, Obama is Bush III on the war on terror.

Who would have believed this when candidate BO was running around and getting a bunch of idiots to scream “yes we can”?

2 thoughts on “More “yes we can” indigestion: BO flips on GITMO”

  1. So many more have died in service to this country under Obama per year than under Bush because of Obama’s impossible rules of engagement. Where is Janine Gerafolo to cry on tv about body bags arriving here caused by Obama?

  2. Honey, I expect Garofalo is simply waiting for a suitable anti-Republican or anti-conservative opportunity to posture, grandstand and otherwise get attention and credit for being politically “correct.” I mean, she’s in the entertainment business; it comes with the job, or rather, the game.

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