“The God That Failed”

Great piece in American Thinker on the failure of Hope & Change.

The left pinned its hopes and dreams on Barack Obama. He wasn’t merely another politician, he was post-modern, post-racial, post-cultural, post-political. We were told Obama didn’t need political experience. His international upbringing, his multi-national background, his inherent diversity and multiculturalism, his youthful hopping and groping from country to country, culture to culture, faith to faith, through Islam, Buddhism, asceticism, Christianity, Augustine, Aquinas, Graham Greene, Nietzsche, Rev. Wright, and whatever else — heaped atop his overflowing innate brilliance — would beget a new breed of political man, a supreme decision-maker worthy of the most vexing challenges. He was no George W. Bush; he was the anti-Bush.

All of this, of course, was twaddle, but it’s sadly in keeping with the perverse political-spiritual sentimentality that plagues the left. Liberals have a bizarre tendency to revere their political leaders as geniuses. They did so even with the Clintons and Al Gore. In handy contrast, they reflexively caricature their opponents, irrespective of stature or fact, as stupid. It’s a very shallow thing to do, a triumph of emotion over logic; still, they do it incessantly.