Another example of Raul Castro’s “reforms”

I am certain Jimmy Carter did not discuss this “reform” with his hosts in Cuba, and in all likelihood he would not be interested anyway since it contradicts the narrative chosen for him. This particular reform is part of the real “reforms” that are taking place on the island; changes that are designed to keep the dictatorship in power, and the Cuban people enslaved.

In the town of Regla a little over a week ago, only a few days before Carter’s visit, a young Cuban man was arrested for counterrevolutionary activities. His crime? Listening to seditious music.

Via Cubanet (my translation):

Detained for listening to “counterrevolutionary music”

Twenty-three year old Adrian Batista Gonzalez has been detained for the past few days at the #13 Police Station in Regla for listening to music by los Aldeanos and Escuadron Patriota, two Cuban hip hop groups whose songs contain lyrics with social messages.

The young man was in his home on La Piedra street when a neighbor, disgusted by the “counterrevolutionary” music, called the police. When several agents of the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) arrived, they told him to lower the music volume or turn it off  since the music provoked “a state of mind against the revolution.”

Batista Gonzalez refused to comply with the police order, insisting that he was in his house and would listen to whatever music he felt like. An argument ensued between the young man and the police, which ended with him being brutally beaten by the agents. According to his family members, the young man has two fractured ribs and a badly injured foot.

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