Congratulations to Debbie Wasserman Schultz

We offer our congratulations to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz on her selection. She has always been a staunch defender of human rights in Cuba and an unflappable friend of the cause for freedom in Cuba.

Obama picks Florida congresswoman to head DNC

WASHINGTON (AP) — Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a congresswoman from South Florida and a key White House defender, was chosen by President Barack Obama on Tuesday to become chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.

Obama picked the four-term lawmaker from South Florida to succeed Tim Kaine, who earlier Tuesday announced he would seek a Senate seat in Virginia. The move elevates Wasserman Schultz to a crucial role as Obama looks toward a re-election campaign that will use the DNC to define his likely Republican rivals.

“As Chairman Kaine departs, new leadership must come on,” Vice President Joe Biden wrote Tuesday afternoon to members of the Democratic National Committee, which will have to ratify her selection.

“In selecting Debbie to lead our party, President Obama noted her tenacity, her strength, her fighting spirit and her ability to overcome adversity.”

7 thoughts on “Congratulations to Debbie Wasserman Schultz”

  1. She may have been a loyal friend of Cubans, but she is no friend of Israel. She allies herself with J Street and calls them pro Israel, and from what I understand happily accepts contributions from Soros.
    You’d have to be dead these days or an enemy of Israel to call J Street Israel’s friend.
    And when she talks, her comments are so full of liberal cliches and untruths, she makes me crazy.

  2. I am surprised to see this on here … a “congrats” is a bridge to far. I’d prefer an “Eh …”

    She may be a “friend” to us Cubans, but she is an enemy of the American republic!

  3. Here at Babalú we do not withhold criticism or refrain from admonishing conservative lawmakers who although for the most part we agree with them, they have misguided, misinformed, or abhorrent stands on the Cuba issue. Case in point: Jeff Flake.

    For that same reason, we also do not refrain from congratulating or praising lawmakers who although for the most part we do not agree with them, they have principled and honorable stands on the Cuba issue. Case in point: Debbie Wasserman Schultz

    None of our personal friends agree with everything we believe, and yet remain friends.

  4. Wasserman Schultz is no doubt well deserving of the position, given that she’s a true-blue liberal with whom I disagree with on almost every important issue. Almost…except for Cuba as Alberto clearly and correctly states. I give her credit where credit is due and blame where blame is due.

  5. My husband, Raoul, and I and some friends were at Java Boys Coffee shop talking about this on Sunday, just before we went to the Gay Rodeo. While we are happy for Debbie, we are also very concerned that she will not be giving her constitutes (us) her full attention and support. She has many issues to deal with right here in her district and we don’t think she has time to trot all over the country trying to run something as big as the DNC. Who’s gonna look out for us? Who’s gonna make sure we the Republicans don’t start cutting our HIV/AIDS medication? And even Debbie said that with the draconian budget cuts those evil Republicans are wanting, many of us senior citizens will starve to death. And the children. Her district has a high population of single mothers with children. When will she have time to make sure they are protected?

    The gay population in this district re-elected her last November because she told us that there are many things that need to get done for her constitutes and that she was the only one who could do them. And we believed her and voted for her. But now Obama want her to run the DNC. And when there is something important to do in her district and Obama calls her and tells her he wants her to do something for the DNC, we just know she gonna drop us and do whatever he wants.

    Debbie needs to make a choice. She need to choose to do what she was elected to do and what thousands of people are counting on her to do, and that is to fulfill her promises she made and do the best job she can for us, her constitutes. So she must tell Obama that while it is a great honor to be chosen, she must not accept the position because she has too much work to do for her district and people are counting on her.

    Or, if she feels that being the Chair of the DNC is better for her politically and personally, then she needs to resign as Congresswoman and let us elect someone who really cares about us.

    Her actions will tell us how she really feels about us and why she got she ran for Congress. If she resigns as Chair of the DNC the we will know she really went to Washington to represent our best interests and we will support her and vote for her again.

    If she does not resign, then we will know that her reasons for running for office were purely shelfish and personal, to climb the political ladder, at the expense of us, and next election, she will be out of 2 jobs, one as Representative and the other as Chair of DNC.

    Get this message from her supporters to her if anyone can.


  6. Forgive me, Armando, but I believe if more congresspeople stopped doing FOR us, we would all be better off. This woman is a menace in the doing for us department and anything that can sideline her ability to do for us is okay by me.

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