Jimmy Carter’s “Ignominious Report”

Pedazos de la Isla has the thoughts of former Cuban prisoner of conscience Normando Hernandez regarding Jimmy Carter’s trip to Cuba.

Ignominious Report
by Normando Hernandez, ex-prisoner of conscience

Outrageous.  Offensive to the intelligence, value, and sacrifices of those who honorably oppose the tyrannical government of the Castro brothers.  That’s how I describe the report made by former US president Jimmy Carter upon concluding his visit to Cuba.

In the insulting one-thousand-seven-hundred-forty-two (1,742) word report, the most famous peanut vendor in the world only used sixty-six (66) of these words to mention the reunion he had with those who risk their lives to achieve freedom and democracy for the injured Cuban people.

He was not capable of even respecting, honoring the humility, decency, sincerity, modesty, and honesty of the peaceful dissidents and opposition members he met with.

The document, which many consider to be an accomplice of the Cuban military dictatorship, did not mention a single word on the declarations made by the blogger Yoani Sanchez about “the necessity for freedom of expression and free access to the internet for all Cubans”.

The Declaration of All Cubans, handed in by the leader of the Christian Liberation Movement, Oswaldo Paya, was also ignored.  This declaration states that, “We (dissidents) are subjected to the heavy fire of repression, threats, slander, exclusion, and forced silence in media outlets within the country and even many stations outside of Cuba”.

In regards to the upcoming Cuban Communist Party Congress, the Declaration of Paya assures that, “The Congress of a party which condones mechanisms which rob the freedom of an entire nation which impose a culture of fear, condemns the poorest inhabitants to even deeper poverty, and removes their voice so that they can’t even denounce that they are poor…a Congress like that cannot represent an entire country.  The real Congress of the entire country will happen when there are free and democratic elections presided over by changes in the laws which would guarantee all rights for all Cubans in an atmosphere of reconciliation and transparency which would cultivate peace, fraternity, and justice in Cuba…”  Not a single one of these words were included in the ignominious report penned by Mr. Carter.

Why does Fidel Castro’s friend not mention the Declaration of All Cubans in his report?  Could it be that the Cuban government prohibited him from doing so, the same way that many others think they prohibited him from meeting with Guillermo Farinas, Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello, Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez, and Reina Luisa Tamayo, mother of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, the martyr who was assassinated in prison by representatives of the Castro brothers, in the same way that he was kept from meeting with many other dignified peaceful dissidents and opposition activists, who on a daily basis face the obstacles thrust in their way by those who rule Cuba the same way a warden would run his farm.

I am not going to mention other reports by honorable Cubans in regards to the reality of the largest of the Antilles, for if I resort to doing so this article will go on forever.

I will also not comment about what Mr. Carter refers in his report because, contrary to his actions, I am not a spokesperson for the government that has assassinated the most people in all of the Republican history of “the most beautiful land ever seen by human eyes“.  If anyone wants to read his statements they can find it on the internet.

I will only let myself say that Mr. Carter and his report have only proved correct those who have criticized him for many years due to his sympathetic attitude towards some of the cruelest regimes that have ever existed.  Some have said that Carter sickens them, while others suggest that he is an Agent of Influence for the Castro brothers.

I am only paraphrasing our apostle, Jose Marti, and am expressing that whoever remains silent in the face of the crime is just as criminal as he who perpetrates it, more so when that person is an accomplice of the criminal.

I assure Carter that the friend of the enemies of my country are not my friends.

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