Luis Posada Carriles acquitted of all charges

The ill-conceived and highly questionable attempt by the Obama/Holder Justice Department to convict a man of one crime by trying him for a different crime has failed. After only three hours of deliberation, the jury in the Luis Posada Carriles acquitted the octogenarian of all charges.

Cuban ex-CIA agent acquitted of charges alleging he lied during US immigration hearing

EL PASO, Texas — An elderly Cuban former CIA operative accused of lying during a U.S. immigration hearing was acquitted on all charges Friday, with jurors taking just three hours to reach a verdict after enduring 13 weeks of often-delayed testimony.

Luis Posada Carriles, 83, broke out in a huge grin when the verdict was read and hugged all three of his attorneys simultaneously. One of the attorneys broke down in tears.

Across the aisle, the federal prosecutors who painstakingly built their case during the first 11 weeks by calling 23 witnesses, sat still.

“Anytime a jury has a case, there’s no telling what they might do. But we respect the jury’s decision,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Timothy Reardon said after the hearing.

Posada, who spent decades working to destabilize communist Latin American governments, often with Washington’s backing, is Public Enemy No. 1 in his homeland and is considered ex-President Fidel Castro’s nemesis.

Prosecutors said Posada lied to immigration officials about how he sneaked into the U.S. in 2005 and by denying he masterminded a series of hotel bombings in Cuba in 1997 that killed an Italian tourist and wounded 12 other people.

After spending millions of tax payer dollars on this travesty of justice, all the Holder Justice Department is left with is a black eye, and another reason for Eric Holder to resign.

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  1. Miami attorney Alberto Milian testified against Posada and on behalf of Fidel Castro’s friend Ann Louise Bardach. Posada’s defense attorney did not question Milian about his uncle Lazaro Milian. In the early 1970s, Lazaro Milian fled Miami to Costa Rica after being indicted for racketeering by the U.S. Attorney. He was part of mafioso Santo Trafficante’s south Florida bolita gambling operations. Lazaro Milian never returned to the U.S. to face his criminal charges and a few years ago died in Costa Rica under mysterious circumstances. Alberto Milian has never mentioned his delinquent uncle.

  2. I’m going to throw back a stiff drink-right now- in honor of Luis Posada and the Texas jury who gave him the justice he deserves. Best news I’ve heard all day!

  3. this cold war warrior fought for this country’s ideals and intersts for a lifetime and this is the way he was re-paid…
    …and yet during his defense, his team didn’t try to drag the US down into the gutter like the US did to him…lesser men, after such a honorless backstabbing, would have lost faith in the system, but, no, like true patriots they continued to pay homage to the rule of law and the principles of justice enchrined in the constitution, ultimately vindicating Posada and his life’s work…

  4. Of course, the NY Times that has closely watched and extensively reported on the Posada Carriles case is now “strangely” hush. I just went to their constantly updated online page and not a word, not a peep. Odd, coming from a paper that has spent so much ink reporting this story.

    Is there any doubt that if he had been found guilty, it would have been on the front page by now?

  5. Rayarena, keep in mind that we’re dealing with facts here. The liberal NYT’s mind is unable to process fact when it conflicts with belief. Give them a few days, and I’m sure they will come up with an op-ed that blames Bush, (You know the CIA connection) and the Miami Mafia, because we are everywhere, even in a mostly Mexican-American jury in El Paso, TX. It will be good for a few laughs, and mats for dogs and birds.

  6. Ziva, YES, of course! I’m waiting for their op ed piece. They are no doubt presently regrouping and strategizing. Likely, the smear piece will be written by their latest, favorite Cuban expert du jour, Ann Louise Bardarch, herself, who will lament how the American justice system is imperfect and how this case perfectly illustrates the mistakes and foibles of our judicial system. As you mention, somehow Bush and Cuban exiles will be implicated and indicted.

    The piece will talk about how she and the NY Times that has repeatedly [in at least three back-to-back articles] covered the case and even said that it stood by Bardach was attacked by a pitbull Cuban exile lawyer, put against the wall, humiliated and smeared.

    It should be a good one, but alas, the NYT’s is good at twisting itself into a pretzel with contortions [of leaps of logic] that would put a Chinese acrobat to shame!

  7. I am waiting for former President Carter to say that Posada’s trial was a miscarriage of justice.

  8. Somebody’s watching out for this battered old man, and it’s obviously not the US government. Maybe that government should learn to read the writing on the wall…

  9. I expect Carter will happily dump on the US justice system again, but he may be too old to score another invite from Castro, Inc. before he croaks, and there’s not much point in betraying your own country unless you can do it with the kind of staging that will get you seriously noticed.

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