Posada Carriles Post-Trial Update: Pass the Pepto-Bismol

After a jury acquitted Luis Posada Carriles this past Friday of all charges farcically brought against him by the Obama/Holder Justice Department, the reactions from various sources have been numerous and strong. From celebrations to outright indignation, the the verdict reached by a jury of Posada Carriles’ peers after reviewing the evidence and testimony presented to them has brought happiness to some, and caused severe indigestion for others.

No doubt, there has been a noticeable spike in sales of heartburn medication in the Washington D.C. area this weekend.

Naturally, the Castro dictatorship is flummoxed by the verdict since fair trials and the rule of law are concepts completely foreign to them. In Havana, they were certain a guilty verdict would be handed down — regardless of the jury — since it was obvious to them and everyone else that was what President Obama wanted. But the separation of branches of government enshrined in our constitution, which is another foreign concept to the Cuban regime, ensure the U.S. government’s legal system cannot be used to satisfy the whims and the misguided schemes of a leader as they are in Cuba. In America, President Obama is not our Maximum Leader… at least not yet.

Cuba: Acquittal of Anti-Castro Militant “Mafia Justice”

HAVANA – The Cuban press on Saturday slammed the U.S. legal system because “it doesn’t seek the truth” and practices “mafia justice,” after a jury in El Paso, Texas, acquitted anti-Castro militant Luis Posada Carriles to wrap up a three-week trial.

The official daily Granma, mouthpiece of Cuba’s Communist Party, published a front-page article this Saturday with the headline: “Mafia justice: Posada Carriles acquitted of all charges,” and called the Cuban-born Venezuelan citizen an “international terrorist.”

The newspaper said that the jury rendered its verdict “after just three hours of deliberations previously oriented by Judge Kathleen Cardone – named by former President George W. Bush – who presided for the second time over a trial that sent Posada back home to Miami” a free man.

For its part, the official daily Juventud Rebelde said Saturday that the United States has a “justice system that does not seek the truth” and considered Posada Carriles’ acquittal “shameful.”

The state-run National News Agency, or AIN, referred to the legal process in El Paso as a “show of fake justice”, while the official Web site Cubadebate said that this was “justice made in U.S.A.”

After being acquitted, Cuban ex-CIA agent plans to return to Miami

EL PASO, Texas — A jury acquitted Luis Posada Carriles on Friday on all 11 charges of lying to immigration officials about how he entered the U.S. in 2005 and his alleged role in bombings in Cuba in 1997.

After U.S. District Judge Kathleen Cardone read the unanimous not guilty verdict, Posada and his three lawyers merged into a tight embrace that lasted several seconds. The federal prosecutors sat expressionless.

Posada, at a news conference, thanked the jury, his lawyers and the American justice system. He also said the acquittal should send a message to Cuba that liberty must prevail on the island.

“I feel happy,’’ said Posada, beaming. “I am supremely grateful to the United States of America, to the fairness with which I’ve been judged, to the jury that absolved me and what happened here should serve as an example for justice in my country, Cuba, which is unfortunately in the hands of a dictator.’’

The jurors’ verdict after just three hours of debate was a surprise to many observers who had expected them to deliberate several days and find Posada guilty on at least some counts. No one had predicted an acquittal across the board on all perjury, fraud and obstruction charges.

But precisely what swayed the jurors to the defense’s side will not be known anytime soon. Jurors declined to talk to the media and left by a side door as a group. Posada’s attorneys speculated that the jurors felt the government framed Posada and exaggerated the evidence.

“It was a total rejection of the government’s case after weeks of trial, 20-plus witnesses and hundreds of exhibits,’’ said Arturo V. Hernandez, Posada’s lead defense lawyer. “And this jury returned a verdict of not guilty in less than 120 minutes. I cannot think of another case that meets that criteria.’’

Hernandez said Posada plans to return to Miami and his family in a few days.

5 thoughts on “Posada Carriles Post-Trial Update: Pass the Pepto-Bismol”

  1. Having spent most of my life in Los Angeles,surrounded by friendly Mexican-Americans, most of whom were not born in the U.S., I know their gut reaction to the charge of lying to immigration officials, add on the bribe, well you have your verdict. Say what you would about our neighbors to the south, they know caca when they see it.

  2. A welcome, if rare, poke in the eye to the current regime’s number two fascist and Gyorgy Schwartz lapdog, Eric Holder.

  3. Of course, if Posada had been deemed guilty, all the usual suspects, even the despicable Jimmy Carter, would be praising the US justice system to the skies and rejecting any criticism from Cuban exiles as to how the government went about this case. We would be made out to be sore losers at best, and any objections would be met with something along the lines of “The jury has spoken. Deal with it and shut up.” Still, Posada’s lucky this trial was in Texas. If it had been in California or NY, he’d almost certainly have been toast.

  4. Well…. El Paso and the border cities in gen’l are known in TX for their leftist leanings, believe it or not; you can see it in their congressional reps. Even so, the jury couldn’t bring itself to convict; tells me the holes were so glaring, even an El Paso jury could see through them. Nice slap to a bogus prosecution by a corrupt, rabid, and politicized DOJ; restores by a hair my faith in the system.

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