“Posada a patriot and freedom-fighter” says Bertha Antunez


“Thoughout his entire life Luis Posada has shown he’s a great patriot and freedom-fighter for his homeland. This (his acquittal) is his crowning glory, one he greatly deserved for his tireless battle against Castro’s infamous tyranny. We celebrate his victory because it’s also a great slap in the face to Castro and all his toadies. It’s also a great humiliation for tyrants like Chavez.”

from Bertha Antunez.

As usual, Senora Antunez chose to ignore the talking points issued by “respectable” exile circles.

2 thoughts on ““Posada a patriot and freedom-fighter” says Bertha Antunez”

  1. “Respectable” exile circles, like all politically “correct,” are neither respectable nor correct.

  2. Posada es un espadin. He is the the embodiment of the Cuban man-of-action. If we could only get about 50,000 more.

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