Speaking without Fear

A new website has been created, Hablalo Sin Miedo (Speak without fear), to give a voice to Cuba’s oppressed people.

Penúltimos Días has the story, and Capitol Hill Cubans has the translation:

The New Repression Hotline

A new website has been launched to help provide a voice to Cuba’s voiceless.

It’s called Hablalo Sin Miedo (“Talk Without Fear“).

Basically, it allows regular Cubans — amidst imminent repression — to make an emergency phone call to 1-615-HABLALO and record their plea for help.

Upon hanging up, the message will be automatically transcribed as a blog post and relayed through Twitter.

It helps Cubans transmit their SOS to the world — and sends a message to the Castro regime’s thugs that the world is watching.

H/T Penultimos Dias

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