Miss (Mubarak) yet?

Ahh! The joys of unbounded idealism versus the the joys of realpolitik and the real world.

Hundreds of Egyptians protested Thursday evening in front of the Israeli consulate in the coastal city of Alexandria. Egyptian security forces were deployed in the area and blocked entry into the consulate building.

The protesters waved Palestinian flags and called to expel the Israeli ambassador and open the Rafah crossing at the border with the Gaza Strip.

Demonstrators held signs reading “Gaza, my only love”, “Million of martyrs are marching to Jerusalem” and “Here we come” – written in Hebrew.

The crowds also called to launch a “third intifada” on May 15, as initially stated on the popular Facebook page, which stirred controversy in Israel.

2 thoughts on “Miss (Mubarak) yet?”

  1. I say, GO AHEAD, make their day: shortly after Israel abandoned all its tiny communities in Gaza a couple of years ago, and Hamas took over the territory, the Egyptian government and military slammed shut the Rapha crossing. Why? Because they were overrun by a steady stream of riff-raff pouring into Egypt from Gaza and they couldn’t take it anymore; plus, they also object to the delinquent element that potentially would go through (surprise!). Israel had nothing to do with their decision. Truth be told, the Egyptians can’t stand the Gaza so-called Palestinians. So the closing of Rapha by back in 2007 caused a stir, but the Egyptians would have none of it. Gazans would make the crossing into Egypt to buy necessities — anything from cigarettes to goats. But Egypt damn well knows it’s a security risk.

    So go ahead: make their day. Open Rapha. It will precipitate their demise quicker than all the protests they’ve had to take out Mubarak.

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