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“Cuba Expert” Julia Sweig laments how the U.S. may never recognize the wonderful legacy of independence and self-respect the Castro dictatorship is attempting to leave behind in Cuba.

It seems like the United States is still not willing to recognize that he is dead-set on transforming Cuba so that when he and his brother leave the stage, there will be some legacy of a functioning, self-respecting society capable of an independent foreign policy and an identity independent from the United States.”

H/T Capitol Hill Cubans

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day”

  1. So Julia, hon, give us your take on Alan Gross. We’re all ears.

    As for “self-respecting,” this statement suggests Sweig has no idea what that means.

  2. Unbelievable how the regime has all of these agents of influence working for it. It’s one after the other. They usually serve the regime’s interest for a few years until they become so obvious that they lose all credibility and the regime finds another one to replace them. For years, Wayne Smith was the most influential “Cuba Expert,” who was here, there and everywhere. All major newspapers and TV stations relied on Smith. Now it’s Sweig. However, at the rate that she’s going with her painful turns and twists of logic that would make a Chinese acrobat cringe, her usefulness may wear thin quite soon, but alas, there’ll be another “Cuba Expert” waiting in the wings to replace her.

  3. “…self-respecting society capable of an independent foreign policy…”
    Lets see if I got this right. Castro I, & II’s foreign policy until the soviet collapse was the same as, guess who, the soviet’s. It has not changed. I do not see a reason for self respect here.
    An American socialist/communist can be an educated and smart person and at the same time be boring, ignorant, idiotic, fascistic, unimaginative, simpleminded and sociopathic. I think I now understand Miss Sweig. She meets all the criteria.

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