At least he’s not shy

An anti-Tea Party radical (a/k/a compassionate, tolerant, caring liberal progressive) wants to remind business owners and conservatives what happened in France during the Reign of Terror:

“The French, inspired by our American Revolution, knew how to deal with the wealthy arrogant aristocrats. The French people built guillotines. Maybe we can park a guillotine in front of every chamber of commerce, corporate headquarters, bank, investment house, and Republican Party headquarters to remind them that democracy is about people, not profits. We need to tell them in one clear voice, ‘No more greed.’”

Can you feel the love?

3 thoughts on “At least he’s not shy”

  1. He seems to forget that Monsieur Danton was sent to the Red Lady himself, by his good buddy Monsieur Robespierre…

  2. ahem…. not surprisingly, Jim Lendall is ill-informed and his basic premise is outright false (which is the usual problem with people spousing his views). The French were NOT “inspired” by the American Revolution as much as they were influenced by Hobbes, Rosseau, and Locke; above all, Rosseau, who was particularly poisonous. Though the American and French revolutions were quasi-contemporaries, they were not even fraternal twins because they sprang from totally different worldviews. You can see it in the outcome of each; the Americans had philosophical foundations very different from the French, who at the time were led by hard-core humanists. As a result, many of the people who participated and instigated the French bloodshed ended up under the guillotine themselves — a direct result of the tenets of the philosphy that Lendall embraces as a leftist. Earth to Lendall: be careful what you wish for.

    BTW, it’s sooooo tempting to comment on his appearance but…. nah, it speaks for itself. 60’s retread, I just bet.

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