Liberal, thy name is projection

Here’s the definition of a term all of us should be acquainted with.

Psychological projection is the phenomenon whereby one projects one’s own thoughts, motivations, desires, feelings, and so on onto someone else (usually another person, but psychological projection onto animals, parents, children, neighbors, other drivers, political figures, racial groups, states and countries, also occurs). According to the theories of Sigmund Freud, psychological projection is a psychological defense mechanism whereby one “projects” one’s own undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, feelings, and so on onto someone else (usually another person, but psychological projection onto animals and inanimate objects also occurs). The principle of projection is well-established in psychology.

In the two plus years that the “Tea Party” has been in existence conservatives have become the target of one of the vilest campaigns in American political history, intentionally orchestrated to marginalize those who have joined this grass-roots movement. It is a campaign of lies and insults, some so vile that they can still shock some of us with the ferocity of the words used.

A wide swath of Americans have embraced Tea Party politics, getting directly involved in the political process — as our founders intended. They have used new media, the Internet, local protests, town-hall meetings and the ballot box to express their direct wishes to our representatives, expressing our utter dissatisfaction with the direction the country has taken. WE THE PEOPLE know what we want – and it’s not what we’re getting. The latest poll numbers indicate that a rapidly growing dissatisfaction with the philosophical and fiscal direction of the country is fueling the movement. At its core, the Tea Party is obsessed with returning America to its founding principles by reducing Federal government involvement in our daily lives. Taxation, security, foreign policy, defense, over-regulation, and out-of-control spending in Washington, are the core issues the Tea Party is concerned with.

The screeching critics on the left, helped by willing propagandists in the media, have trotted out lie after vicious lie after vicious lie to describe those of us involved in this movement. The worst of the slanders we have heard leveled against Tea Partiers is that, not only are we racists, but that we will use violence and commit heinous acts in order to get our agenda passed in Washington. The opposite is exactly the truth, of course, as the facts attest.

In January I wrote a post that linked to a piece by Michelle Malkin that chronicles, not only the the last two years of insane hate leveled against conservative, but the last ten. The beating of a Black Tea Party rally participant, Kenneth Gladney, by union goons wearing SEIU (Service Employee International Union) garb is a vivid case in point. Since Michelle published that list in January, many violent and physical threats have been made by compassionate, tolerant, loving liberals in Wisconsin to Republican politicians. (For examples of union violence and the aftermath of the Wisconsin vote to curb unions’ ability to use collective bargaining to strong-arm sweet deals for a small group of employees paid by the taxpayer, see here, here, here and here.) Subsequent to the Wisconsin debacle, more and more liberal insanity has been on display. Death threats, threats of mass killings, demonstrators that yell obscenity-laced invective at Tea Party gatherings, the most recent of which, on April 17, drew a fabulously typically loutish crowd of compassionate progressives, liberals and union thugs.

And let’s not forget our President calling us, the American people, “slugs” on an open hot mic in an unguarded moment.

Just a few days ago, the bloggers at Wonkette, took “liberal civility” to a new height by posting a “happy birthday” post aimed at Trig, the Downs Syndrome special needs child of Sarah Palin. (I won’t dignify this evil crap by reposting it — you can go to Big Journalism here and here and backtrack the story yourself.) Even though the original Wonkette post has been deleted, along with the “civil” comments of the truly evil people who read that crap, and even though the editors have (sort of) apologized, and even though the writer has (sort of) apologized, I bring this to your attention to show you who liberal/progressives really are. They will go to any length, any depravity, any insult, they will troll the deepest chasm of civilized behavior, to bash us. Because in their twisted empty little minds, we are the enemy, not the ones who really  threaten our country or way of life.

And what about the vanguard of the old media? The tireless champions of truth? The Fourth Estate that is supposed to tell us what is happening? Not a peep. The mainstream media, enthusiastically taking up the mantle of Goebbels and Pravda, has been unsurprisingly quiet about all of these liberal/progressive attacks on conservatives. Nor have we heard, en masse, from those mythical beasts I keep hearing about: honest liberals — except for very, very few.

Remember, whenever they call you anything, whether it’s racist, intolerant, sexist, whether it’s insulting a child (!), whether it’s declaring you’re stupid, whether it’s telling you you want to control their lives, or anything else, it’s classic Freudian projection. You’ll find the true measure of who they are by their actions and not their words. What they hurl at us is exactly who they are. Don’t ever forget it.

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  1. At a recent Tea Party in Philadelphia I met a black woman who sounded so much like me, I was stunned. I told her what I have to go through as a conservative surrounded by liberals and then said, but how dare I complain? She lives in a black neighborhood. But she said that she stands up to them and refuses to hide her thoughts because she knows she is right and they are not. I asked how did she come by her beliefs. She said she watched the way liberals acted during the 2008 election process and she saw that the left were liars and defamers and the right was polite. She hated the way the media refused to tell the truth about Obama and his associations and she began reading and studying and changed her political views completely. I hope there are a lot more like her out there.

    After the election in early November 1994 when Newt Gingrich spoke to the audience at the first cruise for National Review readers, he warned us. He said he was going to be demonized like no one ever was before. He told us they must do that because if we turn out to be correct, they are doomed.

    He told us, further, “If you want to know what liberals are doing, pay attention to what they are accusing us of.” Exactly. Projection, inc.

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