Castro regime continues physical aggression against Cuban bloggers

The corrupt and vile Castro regime cannot wage battle on the field of ideas, so it is left with no other alternative than to physically attack its detractors. Cuban blogger Miguel Iturria is but another victim of the Cuban dictatorship’s aggression towards those who threaten its totalitarian rule.

Via Punt de Vista (my translation):

‘Cuban Voices’ blogger beaten by political police in Havana

Miguel Iturria, blogger, historian, and author of the blog Ancla insular (part of the Cuban Voices platform), was attacked today in Havana, according to a denouncement on Twitter sent by Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo. On his blog, Iturria had criticized the military parade on April 16th in Havana, which took place before the opening of the Cuban Communist Party Congress.

According to Pardo Lazo’s message, Iturria had been “beaten and kidnapped by State Security in plain sight on Saturday in Havana.”  Pardo added that “those who should be keeping the peace do nothing more than provoke civil war amongst Cubans: beatings, threats, insults, extrajudicial acts, etc.” Also, “the objective is for us to flee Cuba but then they refuse to give you permission to leave as a never ending torture before your official deportation.”

Here we have another case of physical aggression as a method to intimidate and an intent to send a message through violence to the messenger, as explained in this article for Martí Noticias.