(Almost!) Intransigence on Moscow TV!’


Russia’s giant English-language station ran a recent show on the Cuba “Embargo”

“How much suffering has the embargo brought to the Cubans? And will the end of the punishment help America to clean up its image of an economic bully?” runs the show’s title

They invited me to represent the grotesquely intransigent position, and I graciously agreed (with ONE condition! They not introduce me as a “Cuba Expert!”) Then at the last minute they couldn’t book a studio in New Orleans in time to broadcast a “remote!”

The Heritage Foundation’s Ray Walser, horribly outnumbered by blatant Cuba-agents, did a great job.

That makes five Fox and other TV gigs I’ve missed for the same reason…Maybe if more insufferable Cuba exiles had moved to New Orleans, today it would be a sophisticated metropolis with TV studios galore–(Miami?)….instead of a “quaint” cajun-creole backwater…)

(Pero que tipo mas ‘Pesao, este Fontova! En ves de solamente informarnos del progama con nuestro amigo Ray Walser que defenedio nuestra posicion con gran habilidad –tambien tiene que meter que lo invitaron tambien a EL!” Pero que tipo mas ‘Pesao y pretencioso!“)

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