Fidel Castro Memorabilia to compliment your Hitler collection

Café Fuerte reports on the rising value of Fidel Castro memorabilia (my translation):

Value of Fidel Castro Memorabilia rising in auctions

– He never bothered to encourage economic riches in his country, but at least the objects associated to the life of Fidel Castro will remain to enrich many of his compatriots in the future. The price of numerous articles belonging to the retired leader has already begun to rise in international auctions, emulating those belonging to the legendary guerrilla Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

A pistol belonging to Fidel Castro sold for more than $10,000 at auction.
According to PFC Autograph Index, a resource consulted by collectors of memorabilia, documents and objects belonging to the elderly leader are considered a good investment.

At 84 years of age, Castro is on a list of 40 personalities with the most coveted autograph. And as the end of his life draws closer, the prices continue to rise.

In 2000, a photograph with his autograph sold for $500; last year, another sold for $4,750 — an increase of 807.7%.