2 thoughts on “Hundreds of Thousands for May Day Parades in Cuba”

  1. You said it. Batista may have stolen an election but he made Cuba grow economically and infrastructurally during that second six year presidency and by a lot. That’s why those people were WILLINGLY there in his support for Batista ran a republic with a free civil society not a totalitarian sect-camp. There was no need for so much f%$^ing and pushing for an abrupt power vacuum. Hell, not only was Cuba super ahead of the rest of the Caribbean in all aspects and most of Latin America per-capita wise, Batista gave Cuba its golden era for goodness sake.

    Of course, what the hell did the Havana students care, they thought Cuba’s status was all a given just like their daddy’s semester check. I trip across the rest of Latin America would have helped in showing what real misery, real problems, and true good for nothing leaders are like. Yet, I am sure bitching against Batista, a mere authoritarian sort of CEO, for the sake of an unknown egotistical fraud was very fun and a girl magnet. Specially when done with a new Buick.

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