AP becomes propaganda mouthpiece for Castro regime

News Busters tears apart the coverage of Cuba’s May Day events provided by the AP, and shows once again how the international news media allows itself to become mouthpieces for Castro/Communist propaganda.

AP Report on Cuba’s May Day Reads Mostly Like Castro Propaganda Piece

The guess here is Associated Press writers Peter Orsi and Andrea Rodriguez believe their May Day dispatch from Cuba represents an example of objectivity and insightful analysis. Anyone with knowledge of how a country under the iron grip of a five-decade Communist dictatorship really operates would beg to differ.

The AP pair leaves readers with the impression that although Cubans are impatient to learn the details of the economic changes the government has passed but not revealed, they are generally supportive of whatever improvements might occur — as if anyone in the island nation is really free to speak their mind.

Readers might be able to determine for themselves that a decidedly unfree situation exists, but Orsi and Rodriguez ignored a Radio Marti report (translated here by Google’s translator, and probably more accurately here by Babalu Blog) that the government launched a wave of repression in advance of May Day to ensure that there would be no disruption of its planned events. The AP pair only needed to cite the report without endorsing it; that they wouldn’t even do this betrays either ignorance or a willingness to let readers believe completely unsupported assertions about potential improvement in a country that is the third most economically repressive regime on earth according to the Heritage Foundation’s 2011 Index of Economic Freedom. Of the countries evaluated, only Zimbabwe and North Korea were worse.

Continue reading the analysis of the AP’s lack of journalistic integrity HERE.

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  1. Like I always say, the castro’s have no need to sell Gramma in the USA, becuase they have the mainstream media spreading propaganda for them.

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