Hablalo Sin Miedo gets press coverage

Háblalo sin miedo The Herald writes on the new website set up as a hot-line for Cubans on the island, Hablalo Sin Miedo:

Man starts dissident hotline

Think of it as a 911 service for Cuban dissidents.

Police are arresting human rights activists? A government-organized mob is harassing the Ladies in White? Protests break out on the streets of Havana?

Cubans can now call a U.S. phone number and file a verbal report. Within minutes, the voice recording will be posted on the blog Hablalo Sin Miedo — Say it Without Fear — and will generate a Tweet linking back to the post.

The little-known facility, created by a Cuban-born Florida International University graduate who got the idea from the system that Google set up during the anti-government riots in Egypt, has been up since April 14 and received few reports so far.

Popular blogger Yoani Sanchez called to offer her support. Havana dissident Martha Beatriz Roque left a message that members of her group, the Cuban Network of Community Communicators, would try to use the system.