More reaction to Osama’s death

“Why It Took Ten Years To Get Bin Laden” in Big Peace:

[…] The death of Bin Laden is no doubt a positive thing in our war on terror that tells the world that America will never stop bringing terrorists to justice. This is also a major boost in the moral of the American people and the families of the 9/11 victims who have been very gracious and patient for 10 years while watching jihadist Imams in America trying to build an Islamic victory shrine over the grounds of the world trade center. Americans are fed up with our politicians who have forgotten what happened ten years ago and are acting as appeasers to the jihadists and the radicals and killing Bin Laden is a positive step for a change.

But the bad news is that Bin Laden’s death will not decrease the terror acts the jihadists plan against the West, simply because jihad is not an invention by Bin Laden, but is taught to every Muslim from birth as a war against non-believers in Islam. Terrorism in the short run is likely to increase and the reason is because we are dealing with a culture that values retaliation and vengeance as a duty and commandment from Allah. “Retaliation has been prescribed to you” is a quote from the Quran. The West should fasten their seat belts, since the bad guys have found another excuse to hate America.

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  1. One of the articles mention that information obtained from a detainee led them to Osama’s location. I wonder how the info was extracted, and will those who screamed bloody murder about torture under Bush’s administration question the methods used now that Obama’s in charge?

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