W., vindicated

I couldn’t agree more:

[…] Let’s be honest folks: if any one person, in addition to our military personnel, deserves to be singled out for adoration at this time it’s George W. Bush. It was Bush who stood when Democrats – Obama and others – did their best to undercut him as he launched and maintained the War on Terror.

In 2001, it was Bush who launched the War on Terror to exact justice on those behind the 9/11 attacks: who so memorably stood with the firemen at Ground Zero and promised, “I can hear you, the rest of the world hears you, and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.” And in 2003, it was Bush who famously said of Bin Laden: “[He is] on the run . . . he’s certainly not leading any parades these days. . . . He’s probably in a hole somewhere hiding from justice. We’ll get him – dead or alive.” (Admittedly, I always liked the “dead” option best.)

In response to these things, Obama’s fellow Democrats and his friends in the mainstream media (MSM) mocked Bush for acting like a cowboy.

At various times during the War on Terror, it was Bush was authorized enhanced interrogation techniques – including waterboarding – both to find the animals behind the 9/11 attacks and to gather intelligence useful in preventing another attack. Moreover, Bush was the man who opened the prison at Guantanamo Bay as a half-way house to hold captured terrorists for interrogation prior to their trials before military tribunals.

In response to these things Obama campaigned for the presidency on anti-torture (anti-waterboarding) pledges, promises to close Guantanamo Bay, and efforts to nix military tribunals.

Yet Bush did not budge. Regardless of the ridicule, he stayed the course. (The mockery Bush faced from Obama and other Democrats has been well documented by David Limbaugh.)

And even before Bin Laden’s recent demise, Bush told an incredulous MSM not only that he wasn’t ashamed over authorizing waterboarding while president, but that he would “do it again to save lives.” And guess what? It’s now being widely reported that the path to Bin Laden began with information gleaned from interrogations on captured terrorists that took place at Guantanamo Bay during “Mr. Bush’s War” (as the liberals loved to call it before Obama took office). […]

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  1. That’s right, this is Bush’s fault…

    George W. Bush has been vindicated on the tactics needed to win the War on Terror; regardless of what the kool-aid drinkers say.


  2. The best vindication of Bush is the good speech Obama gave when he carefully read his teleprompter, so carefully he never once was able to look the American people in the eyes.
    Every idea in that speech reminds us of how Bush was right in every thought and deed about how to deal with our enemies since 9/11. And it must remind all thinking Americans that Obama ran and reigns on ideas counter to what he was saying.
    If there are Americans who don’t understand this yet, they should wake up and begin paying attention.
    Watch the speech again and recognize that Obama in every phrase Obama is being dishonest.
    My favorite line of the roast was when the comedian said he knew who would be a good opponent for Obama – 2008 Obama. He probably meant because that Obama was the Messiah and so highly adored. But the line didn’t get a laugh because there was the shock of recognition that 2008 Obama campaigned as one guy, then governed as a different one.

  3. Bush is the example of a classy patriot: Doing everything possible to get the job done, and not worrying who gets the credit.

    They don’t make many like that anymore. And were it not for the thunderstorms here on Sunday night, there would have been a larger crowd in front of his gate to thank him. Class act.

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