Osama Bin Laden was late to the game (of plotting to bomb New York)


“On Nov. 17th 1962 an intelligence puzzle come together at FBI headquarters that staggered the officers and agents. Most had served at their posts during WWII and the height of the Cold War–and had seen plenty. Now they had mere days to foil a crime against their nation to rival Hideki Tojo’s, including the Bataan Death March.

The FBI men were haggard and red-eyed –but seriously wired. Like hawks on a perch they’d been watching the plot unfold, sweating bullets the whole time. It was nearing time to swoop down on Fidel Castro and Che Guevara’s agents, busy with a terror plot that would have made Bin Laden drool decades later.”

Our friends at Townhall help with the rest of the historical reminder (or enlightener) here.