More proof the Cuban embargo works

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Sanctions Have Limited Castro’s Arsenal

If the U.S. unilaterally lifted sanctions towards Cuba — what would the Castro regime do with the billions in tourism, trade and financing it would receive?

According to Russian experts, it would purchase arms and modernize its military arsenal.

Polina Temerina of the Moscow-based Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies says the Castro regime has been “very interested” in updating its weaponry, which dates back to the former Soviet Union (and its billionaire subsidies), but it has lacked the money to do so.

“On more than one occasion, Cuba has solicited Russian help in modernizing its arsenals. However, the problem continues to its scarce financial resources,” she told Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency.

Food for thought for those ingenious advocates of unilaterally lifting sanctions.