Castro regime hoses America with propaganda

When the Obama administration relaxed the Cuba travel restrictions, they claimed it would open up religious, academic, and cultural exchanges between the American and Cuban people. The White House was allegedly hoping for a two-way interchange, but what we have gotten (as we expected and warned) is an avalanche of regime sponsored “artists” and “academics” coming to the U.S. to spread Castroite propaganda.

The pipeline that was supposed to encourage two-way exchanges is in reality nothing but a hose the Castro dictatorship is using to drench American society with pro-Castro purveyors of propaganda:

Cuban artists descend on NYC for three-month festival
Before this year, Cuban filmmaker Gerardo Chijona had not been to the United States in almost a decade. So far in 2011, he’s already come twice.

The director and screenwriter of the 2010 film Ticket to Paradise is one of some 200 Cuban musicians, filmmakers, artists, dancers and writers who are expected in New York City this spring for what promoters say is an unprecedented display of Cuban culture. After months of increased cultural exchanges between the two nations, the Si Cuba Festival has become the most significant demonstration of the Obama administration’s departure from Bush-era policies.

“I applied for a visa once, was rejected and surrendered,” Chijona said Thursday night at the private screening of his latest film, part of the Havana Film Festival New York. “Only through dialogue can you understand each other. As we say in Cuba, ‘when you close the dominoes, there’s no more conversation.’”

Café Fuerte also has a report on the unprecedented amount of Castro approved “artists” coming to the U.S. (my translation):

Starting in May, avalanche of Cuban Music in the U.S.

Organizers of the Fuego Festival of Cuban Music in Miami — postponed because of political protests and legal disputes — did not remain idle and starting in May, they will be bringing to American stages a true avalanche of bands and artists from the island.

Fuego Entertainment company announced that it will organize more than 70 Cuban music concerts in the U.S. beginning on May 16 through the end of the year.

“It’s going to be a veritable parade of Cuban music, while we wait for a decision regarding the festival in Miami,” said Cuban American promoter and president of Fuego Entertainment, Hugo Cancio, to Café Fuerte.

he businessman explained that the tours include groups such as David Calzado and La Charanga Habanera, Los Van Van, NG La Banda, Moneda Dura, Gente de Zona, Vocal Sampling, and Buena Fe. And they will be visiting important cultural centers in the U.S. such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Miami.

The first band to arrive at American venues will be Charanga Habanera on May 16. In June, Juan Formell and Los Van Van will complete the second part of their tour, which began last year.

“All of the artists have a visa for one year, and expect the proper authorizations required to perform in this country,” Cancio said. “These tours are taking place as we wait to resolve the lawsuit regarding the festival, which continues through the processes in the courts.”

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  1. The saddest part of this sort of thing is that there are always Cubans (of sorts) living in the US who will play along, or rather, $ing along with these lackeys of Castro, Inc. That being the case, how can one wonder when non-Cubans do it?

  2. the way things are going, next stop on this rolling thunder tour may be raul sitting snugly at the Gusman during one of these cultural exchange concerts, next to a sold-out crowd of miami exiles

    no surprise

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